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I have been using these mirrors for three years on my various helmets. They are designed to mount to the helmet chin bar and to give an undistorted, vibration free, life size view of whats behind you while riding your snowmobile or motorcycle. These are high quality and perform flawlessly. You will no longer need to worry about mirrors being broken or damaged on your snowmobile or motorcycle. They incorporate a double pivot design that allows proper adjustment of the mirror for optimum visibility. These mirrors do not obstruct the riders vision.
Once you try one of these, you will not want to ride without one. They work that well.
I sell these for $10.00USD plus $1.00 USD shipping around the USA. Shipping to Canada is $1.50USD.

Anyone interested in more information please email me at [email protected]. I will try to post a picture here as well. Happy sledding. :D
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