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I have a massive collection of New old stock(NOS) Mikuni carb parts, I just completed the inventory, that's been in my possession over 25 years, Most of which came from Kawasaki and Mikuni suppliers, before they closed their doors. I have jet needles, needle jets, main jets, pilot jets, round slides, brass and aluminum from 28mm carbs to 36/37mm carbs, some bigger, not inventoried, Most of the cutaways, plus floats, and many misc. parts, too many to list.

Some of the needle jets are 159 series, 166,169,171,182,247,224,327,480

I have 220 brand new needle jets, plus some used that are not inventoried

I have 643 jet needles, brand new

I have 217 brand new aluminum round slides

I have 176 brand new chrome plated brass slides

I have 170 pilot jets ranging from 15 to 80 with some half sizes

I have 873 main jets ranging from 50 to 720

That's about 2300 pieces that I have inventoried, plus hundreds if not thousands of misc. pieces that I haven't inventoried.

I am retired from snowmobiling and would like to sell this master tuning set as a whole set, but will consider selling piece by piece. I would sell the set for realistic offer. Some of this collection over 40 years old, made by original Mikuni tooling, so you know you are getting the right stuff. With that being said, the Brass is no longer bright and shiny. I personally spent several days organizing and inventorying these parts. I live in the Minneapolis Minnesota area, and could possibly meet at the vintage show coming up January 24 -26 in Elk River Minnesota, formerly the Waconia Ride in. This is probably the largest privately owned collection of Mikuni parts in the world. I estimate that there is over $20,000 just in the parts listed above figuring $8 a needle, $14 a needle jet, $3.00 per jet, $20 a slide, we know retail at a dealer will be much higher. Contact me at 952-200-foursix37 These parts are hard to transport, so you will have to be pretty serious if you wanted me to drive up to Elk River
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