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I just purchased a 1974 340 tnt sm, Skidoo. It looks horrible but it starts first pull every time. I got it for $150 bucks and my kids and I are having a ball on it. But I don’t know the first thing on maintenance. I have been searching on line but I have not found very much.
1. My belt is loose and it squeaks. How do I tighten it?
2. What 2 stroke oil can I use to gut down on odor and smoke?
3. I have to redo the seat. How does it come off? I see no screws.
4. Do I need an air filter for it? It has some kind of air housing on it at the intake held on with springs.
5. What areas need lube or oiling?
6. Are there other sights on line for maintenance info?
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I owned a 75 Tn'T..Bulletproof sled! Let's go by the numbers:

1. You can't tighten the belt, it needs to be replaced.
2. All two stroke oils have a smell, don't know what to tell you there...
3. The seat nuts are underneath in the back, one in each corner just in front of where the snow flap mounts.
4. No air filter required. Just make sure the airbox is clean inside.
5. There is a grease fitting at the bottom of the steering column, and a couple on the rear suspension. Also check the chaincase oil. There is a dipstick on the plug, if not use a coat hanger and put it in to the bottom.

Hope this helps!

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