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Looking into an 06 Crossfire 7 that has an 800 Big Bore. Question.

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I came across an 2006 Crossfire 7 for sale and I'm interested. This sled claims to have an 800 priceless performance big bore. I'm assuming that isn't stock to this sled? Does anyone know much about that engine and how reliable it is? It also has the following modifications:
-BMP Y Pipe
-BMP "fat azz single pipe"
-Power Commander V
-2.5 degree timing key (what is that?)
-Priceless clutching
-M7 Electronic reverse kit
-2011 M Mountain Seat
-2011 tunnel
-New running boards
-2in paddle
-Pro cross skis
However I don't know much about sleds or the mechanics of them. This seems like a lot has been done to the sled and I'm not sure if it's for the better or not. He's asking $3000, I'm prepared to offer $2500 IF it's worth that. But..

I decided to message the seller. I asked how many miles and if it's ever had any issues. This was his response:
"The odometer says 12k but I know it’s been swapped from a higher mileage sled. I’ve had a new driveshaft bearing installed along with the track and driveshaft, caliper, and drive cogs installed at the end of last season. All of the work was done at priceless performance in Gaylord. Other than that the sled has never let me down. It is a big bore but it’s a very reliable and safe kit using all stock arctic cat internals, the only thing that hasn’t been rebuilt was the tub itself. Even the tunnel has been redone. It’s a very clean sled I just don’t ride groomed trails and I don’t want to beat this one up out in the trees with how clean this one is."

Am I right to be concerned by the odometer reading 12k? The only thing that slightly makes me believe that it was replaced is that it looks extremely clean for having that many miles. But still. Is this sled worth $2,500?
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No such thing as a XLT 800. XCR 800 though and that thing will still be more power & speed then that by far. Unless you have had years and years of experience riding it might be too much which is what KC is getting at. Mods like that are known to be very quick accelerating and a high top end speed.
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