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Hey guys, got a 97 ZRT 600.Bought it used last year.I am currently getting it ready for the season.Gotta couple bugs from last season to work out and , naturally , that led to more probs right now.

Last year it was getting boggy on the bottom end , it would idle perfect but if you nailed it, there was no power till she built up some RPM.On the trail it would keep working the same.Really sluggish from closed to half throttle.

Another thing was that at times it would not shut off.I hit the kill or the key and it would run on .Ocassionally it would backfire(PTO side cyl. ,every time.)Kept blowing the pipe off that cyl.

I figured it was running real rich.So I went all over the Carbs, choke cables and plungers.No prob there.Replaced the PTO side crankseal and installed new plugs.Still no improvement.The base gaskets were drooling a wee bit , so I figured new gaskets were the next step.Didn't get around to it till this year

That's where it gets interesting.Turns out this sled's been messed with before I got it .Someone shaved the top of the cylinders and put aluminum spacer plates at the bases.I've heard tell of advancing third port timing this way, but I'm not very educated here.

Now , I also see that the tops of the pistons are washed clean.2 are extremely clean, NO carbon at all.PTO side cyl had a little carbon on the top, but still washed quite a bit.

The jets are already 2 sizes smaller than stock, but in my opinion the engine must be running too rich.Will the advanced third port timing cause the richer condition????

And what the heck is making it keep running after I shut it?off.The sled only does this once it has run enough to get hot

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.Thanx in advance, guys.
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