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So I took my sled out for the first time this year and Sunday night it kept getting dirt in the float needle so it would flood out. I had cleaned the carbs multiple times prior to this event but failed to clean out the water separator tube. Found these tubes to be full of crap which would break loose and float up into the bowl. Once I figured this out I had already purchased new float needle valves and seats. Went ahead and replaced them since the old ones had some wear on them. Monday took the sled out and it ran great for about the first 30 minutes but then when I got to a couple fields and opened it up for longer periods of time it started to cut out. Eventually it would come to a stop and stall. I pulled the bowl drain and very little fuel came out. Since both bowls had about the same amount of fuel in them I assume the fuel pump is the problem. The only thing that I am concerned with now is I have vacuum tested the old fuel pump and it tested fine. I have checked all of the fuel lines and none are cracked. Unfortunately it is warming up now so the little snow that we had is going away quickly.

Can you think of any other possibilities that I should check? I do not want to wait until the SF ride to test this out again and find there is still a problem. Before changing the float needles the plugs looked perfect after running it until the dirt would get into it and cause it to flood out. Now with the new float needles it is running entirely too lean.

1.5 needle valve
220 mains
needle clip in middle position
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