Hello everyone. Thank you for your help in the past. My uncle got me into sliding years ago and he recently passed. He was at one point a dealer for Arctic Cat so I have a ton of vintage Arctic Cat parts mostly small items some new most used. He also had a fleet of Polaris he rented so I have a ton of 300 or 400 cc type Polaris Parts. I'll look at photographs of some of the items. I'm not really interested in shipping one-offs as much as I'd like to help people. Prefer to sell the lot or in large quantities preferably locally but I will ship if someone's buying several items. Hopefully people can put this to use most of them don't fit the sleds I have anymore. Items include carburetors torsion bars oil tanks handlebars wiring many items are from a late 90s powder special. Includes bumpers tons of wiring brake calipers. I've only listed the stuff I can see on the top of these boxes but I'm trying to help my aunt out and sell these for her. Please let me know if these would help anyone.