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Just bought a 2015 XF 7000 High Country Sno Pro ES. Super excited!

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Just bought a 2015 XF 7000 from a dealership. It has 2700 miles in good condition from what I can see other than a hole in the seat. I paid $5100 total for it. I'm super excited as this is the first forward riding style sled I've ever owned and never had anything as nice as this.

Anything to know about this model of sled?
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Nice looking sled! Congrats!
Thanks. I'm just realizing I never once looked at the trail sticker until I got it home. It's from 2020 so apparently it hasn't been ridden much since then? Weird.
Well if you can't ride time to sell
Apparently the starters on these are a ticking time bomb? Something about causing the sled to kick back. What is kickback?

Doesn't sound like that to me. Just sounds like it needed a little more fuel. Even with electric start and what not it can take a couple times. If it was engine kickback you would hear some different noises then that.
Oh okay. That makes me feel a bit better. Until I'm able to get the sled reflashed I'm really paranoid about the issue.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts