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Hey everyone, just joined, hope ya can help me out. I have a John Deere with a SEC 400 and I had no spark on cylinder 2 so I narrowed it down to the points. Got a new pair of points with condencers and put them in and now I have great spark on # 2 but only spark on # 1 if the fly wheel cover is off. When the cover is grounded I loose spark on # 1. Checked for pinched wires and there are none. Hooked everything back the way it should be from what I can tell, this totally boggles me, even tried removing # 1 coil and that didn't work, all I know is I have great spark as long as the cover isn't grounded. What could cause this, any input would be GREATLY appriciated, have great snow and would like to get this thing going before it's gone. in advance, thanks!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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