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Is it possible to convert a wedge to evolved?

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I’m wondering if it’s possible to take everything from a wedge and put it on an evolved
I have a 97 xlt sks and a 98 xlt touring chassis and was wondering if there is a way to swap
- engine, including clutching, chain case, reverse, oil and antifreeze reservoirs etc.
- electronics
- seat, tank, track, skid, front suspension and skis, etc
Over to an evolved?
my 97 is in good shape, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to swap everything over in case I damage the wedge chassis
Pictures below



These are older pictures, I can get newer ones if interested.
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Hood won't fit but yeah you could possibly but the work wouldn't be worth it. Would be better off fixing the wedge unless the tunnel itself gets bent then yeah I would do it then.
So far we
1. Cleaned outside of engine
2. Replaced spark plugs and caps
3. Cleaned belly pan a bit
4. Put new heat tape in belly pan
5. Replaced rear bulb
6. Replaced voltage regulator
7. Replaced front bulb
8. Made homemade risers from handlebars off the 98. Everything works
9. Cleaned hood up
10. Tensioned chain
11. Cleaned air box (throttle side carb was spitting oil
12. Was taking in way too much oil. So we detuned it and it is a lot better now. Smokes way less too.
Too bad I can't take any pics of it. I'm still in school and didn't ride up to school this afternoon.
We're supossed to get 25-30 cm's today and tomorrow. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!
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Thanks for the information I figured it out and I would only need
A hood (evolved)
Head light
Speedo and tach
And windshield (available at royal distributing)
And a few other parts
But would be able to make a complete running sled if the wedge tunnel got wrecked.
I may keep it after all.
If it is an XCR it could possibly have VES valves from that year. Regardless that engine required Full Synthetic not the Polaris Blue. So one thing I would do is switch to either VES Gold or AMSOIL and that will help as well. Watch your plugs if you turned down the oil pump, if you turned it down too much you could lean it out.
It is actually a 97 xlt sks with a 600 xlt motor.
It just has a 95 xcr 440 hood on it because previous owners son had rolled it over and broke the hood and windshield. Tach and speedo is still on from the xlt hood. My dad said we will check the plugs soon to see if it is good. Thanks for the recommendation though.
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