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Hi all,
1994 Indy 500 l/c carbed.
I replaced all the fuel lines and oil lines in the fall. Cleaned the clutches installed new fuel, oil and air filters.
Machine runs great and as it should. Never had an issue with it.
This past Saturday it was -20 celcius.
I put the choke on for a minute, flipped it off and it kept idling around 3000rpm. Didnt think anything of it. Drove 6 miles out to the ice hut, stopped, still idled high.
When i got back to shore I rode a mile up the road to a buddies house. Very little snow on the road. When I got there and stopped the idle was normal at 1500 rpm.
Im just trying to figure out why it idles so high when its that cold out. Sunday I ran it and it was about -1 celcius and it idled fine.
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