Hi all, this is my first post so hopefully I chose the right spot, I’m looking for a reliable sled that I can afford. I work at a local Polaris dealer so something of theirs would be preferred because I can get a discount on parts I may need. However I don’t have a lot of money. Ideally I’d like one that has electric start and reverse, but I know those are sometimes rarer and thus cost more. A couple of my coworkers are adamantly opposed to me getting a trailing arm sled for up here in Montana because I’ll get stuck a lot, has anybody else had that issue? realistically its all I can afford right now if I want to start riding this season. I’m just kinda looking around, I do have some experience working on engines like these so a little bit of work is nothing I would shy away from, I can probably go up to $2000 but that’s about it at the moment, I’m saving up so as I get paid more I’ll have a little more to spend. Anything cheap but in good shape would be awesome, and if there’s a price point that I should reach before looking into getting something like this, Let me know, thanks everyone!