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How to tighten the throttle onto the handle bars?

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The throttle doesn't seem to have a way of tightening to the bars on my formula 470. Its got four bolts 2 on top, 2 on bottom. They spin and do nothing. The throttle is flopping around on my handle bars, making it annoying to ride. I also can't get into the throttle cable to reduce the free play, I don't know if there is an adjustment underneath the useless plastic that covers everything on these sleds. Anyone offer any tips here? Thanks.
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4 bolts

it sounds like the threads are stripped out. back them out and check the threads on the bolts. likley the aluminum has been stripped on the mounting block where the bolts thread in. threads can sometimes be repaired w/ a heli-coil. or maybe even drill through and nut and bolt. That would be a decision based on inspection on the block and if anything is behind the blind threads. I would heli-coil if teh threads can't be repaired as shown in the ski-doo manuals

Not sure on the throttle cable slack. I think mine is done on the carb side.

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