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How to Store a Snowmobile?

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Are you worried about your snowmobile storage? Don’t worry we know everything that you need to know before storing your snowmobile. Another wonderful season of riding has come and gone and it’s time to move on to our summer hobbies. When there’s more mud and dirt on the trails than snow, it’s time to start getting your snowmobile ready for its long summer nap.
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This has been gone over and over
The carb models I drain down and then clean the carbs EVERY November!
The EFI sleds I add Sea Foam and let them stay with a little fuel and start a few times!
didn't mean it as a bash , he has this stuff posted in several different forums ,, boo was meant to mean I see you , if it offends I take it back
I kinna thought the way hes doing it he might be a scammer,, again if im wrong , i take it back , not trying to bash
It seams every year we get asked this, no biggie
It is borderline spam. Spam on all the snowmobile forums.
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