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I am working on some early 70s Arctic Cat/Kawasaki Twin Motors. I have several Kawasaki Twins of this basic design. I think I have two 340s, a 400 and several 440s of various vintages. IIRC most are T1As or T1Bs. I have purchased one of the 2 piece aluminum seals (2 O rings go around it), but the seal did not come with any instructions.

I also have a later 440 Kawasaki FC motor out of a Kawasaki sled and I was told it is out of an 1980 sled. It has electronic ignition so I know it is newer. It had an obviously bad crank seal on the PTO side. I pulled the lower crankcase off of it hoping to see how to assemble my other motors. It appears to have a one piece aluminum center seal that is doweled into the upper crankcase so it has a different center seal than the one I have to use in my older motors.

So far I have torn 2 of the older 440s apart. One had a stock rubber type center seal in it that was in very poor condition. The other had what appeared to be the same style of aftermarket center seal that I purchased as a replacement. Not sure what happened to it, but it is a mess. The two dowels that are supposed to align the 2 halves together had worn holes in the side of the aluminum seal and were laying between the seal and the bearing when I took it apart. The dowel hole areas inside the aluminum seals are now huge, probably over 1/4"(dowels are about 1/8"diameter) I don't know what caused this to happen, but I suspect that the seal was moving back and forth in the crankcase and the vibration eventually caused the pins to work loose and then "rattle around" in their holes and wear the aluminum away until it wore the holes and eventually went through the sides of the seals.

The replacement seal is not symmetrical, one side is flat and the other side has some steps in it. Which side is supposed to face toward the PTO?

I got a suggestion to install with some Locktite. Would Red Locktite be what I would want to use for this?

Any other suggestions on how to keep the new seal from moving around?

Thanks, Joel
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