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Hi All,

I have an '07 Yamaha Phazer FX with one doozy of an issue. I am receiving code 33, Faulty or Open Circuit on #1 Cylinder Coil. Code 34 is the same problem, but with the #2 Cylinder Coil.
Well I have tested the coil, and it tests fine, if I put the #1 coil in the #2 Cylinder it will fire.
I have tried a second ECU and I get the same code, so that pretty much rules out the ECU.
I replaced the sub-harness that goes btwn the injectors and the coils in order to rule that out.
So that pretty much leaves the main wiring harness. I would also like to add that if I put the sled into diagnostic mode I can get the #2 Cylinder Coil to fire, but not the Cyl. #1 Coil. I figured putting it into diagnostic mode rules out other sensors (Cam Shaft, Crank Position, etc.) since the engine is not running.
So I'm back to the main harness. I have tested continuity btwn the coil and the ECU (Orange wire for those of looking at the wiring diagram in the manual.) and it tests fine. I also checked the other wires from the coils to the ECU for shorts and none showed up.
So before I spend the cash for a new harness, not to mention the labor involved in removing and replacing, has anybody else come across this problem?
Is there something else I can check?
I must also mention that prior to receiving code 33, I had replaced the starter because it failed. I'm wondering if the starter took something else out with it when it fried. :dunno:
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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