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Hello! So i have this engine that i bought for like 250$ i think its a arctic cat 1989 couger 500 its f/c, so im gonna put it on a small go kart im builidng. I was wondering if any of you know where i can buy good performance parts like forged pistons, mabey even larger ones, i could get it bored out, i would like to change the exhauts into a lighter higher performance exhaust. And ofc i would need to jet it. And also any of you know of a good clutch kit? To mabey get some better power Delivery. Also if there any tricks and tips you know about the engine please let me know, thanks in Advance!

-13 year old retard with access to a metal work shop and basicly dosent have a dad

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I can help you with most everything you may need.
But many people have done this or a golf cart!
That 500cc fanner has over 40 hp and will turn 8000 rpm!
You will need to use the stock exhaust and get the clutches lined up perfectly!
Rejetting the carb is about all that will need done
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