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Well Had Quite A Few probs so far
had to change the rope
and get new plugs
a new belt
changed the oil chaincase and injection oil
i run premium
cleaned my carbs
new fuel filter
and earlier when i rode it
it basically died out
and tried to pull it and wouldnt pull
so i tried turnin secondary clutch which moves the track and it moved
the first clutch was a lil bit jammed
i move it abit and it moved..but had to take quite a bit of forth
and then i was able to crank it and get it going
...i am clueless on what this is
oh and i checked my plugs before starting again and both looked a lil burnt ??
its burnin oil regulary and ya im stuck not sure what this prob is
it did it to me earlier
and yesterday

ITS A 2003 800 RMK.

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on my minds its my pistons tryna suize? or my clutchs going or my chain case
any how im nervous on what it is
as for i bought the sled this yr off a friend who never had problems and changed the pistons and. seals so i am clueless ..
i paid $3200 for the sled
already put $350 for maintance in the shop
then another $150 another shop visit
and now this prob so im pretty nervous

and is it normal to idle at 2000rpm
and when i rode it earlier the rpm was high like only 1/5 throttle my rmp was at like 6000 rpm
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