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Purchased used 2004 Legend 550 Fan (with ~ 900 miles) in Dec 06 - original battery got me through the season. Next two seasons battery shot but pull started and no other issues (hand warmers and lights OK).
Last season purchased new battery (OE rated replacement). Took one 3 hour ride then garaged till last weekend with Battery Minder connected (blinking "Desulfanation" mode all year).
Last weekend battery discharged after 24 hours. When I took out the battery, negative post side "melted and swollen" - suspected bad charger, boiled battery, but charger checks out. Check output voltage of sled at battery leads ~13.5 @ idle, increases and "tops" at ~15V at higher RPMs.
Just looked at original battery (haven't recycled it yet) and the negative post side is also heat distorted (never charged on Battery Minder) but not nearly as severe as replacement battery.
Again headlight and taillights never "blew".
Can continue to use sled with pull start - but just bugs me when something isn't working right.
Suggestions or theories?


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