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Hello from New member Paul

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Just saying hello to all. I enjoy the outdoors and tinkering with small engines ie chainsaws. It may take me a few visits to get the feel of the site then will start posting. Paul :)
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Welcome to the forum! We are heading into the summer doldrums, activity slows down considerably when there's no snow on the ground. Amazing how that works ;)
Many really work on sleds all summer long
Yet seldom come on here to post their progress... such is the way of the world ;) I will summerize mine this weekend and then put 'em away until early winter. No plans for any upgrades, things are running peachy :)
Eh no working on snowmobiles for me till at least Sept. Double arm surgery almost 4 weeks ago now on the left arm for carpal and ucl repair just like the right. Next friday right knee surgery again and then June 9th left knee surgery. Plus EAA at end of July then 10-14 day vacation in August finally. When I am not recovering from surgery I will be recovery from vacation,lol.

Every year I tell myself I'm going to get all the maintence done by the end of June, but that always seems to end up as November
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