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Heat Exchanger Leak?

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So I have a coolant leak from what looks like the right heat exchanger in my indy 400. They are pretty beat up but I am hoping it is the hose. Is there an easy way to replace the changer or the hose that you guys know of? Can you fix a heat exchanger?
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I took one to a radiator repair shop for a leak repair one time, it worked ok and looked horrible. Fortunately, you couldn't see their gob method of repair when the exchanger was reinstalled!
Well, if it is indeed the cooler that has been damaged I can get someone to tig weld it for me but I am hoping it is just a broken coolant line (fingers crossed!)

How hard is it to get at the coolant lines as they enter the top of the exchanger? It looks like tight quarters to get at them and their clamps....
Yep it's a little tight to get to the clamps but it can be done. I do a pressure test on my sled's and it will show you where it's leeking from.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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