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Hello all, new member here! I just got a old 98 arctic cat panther 440 for free from my uncle. He is moving down south and has seen my interest in sled's and thinks im a good kid so he signed the title over to me and its now mine!

I am 16 and from the South east south dakota region. I race dirt bikes so sledding is a blast to me! My sisters boyfriend and i were out riding on the old panther last night and found some sweet snow drifts from a haybail that had a gap in it. They were probably 4-5 foot tall and had a 15 foot gap in the middle. Well as our dirt bike gene's we have in us we decided we could double it! We refaced the the take off so it wasn't so steep and man it was fun! The landing was like a pillow! This was the first time i've ever jumped a sled so i didn't know what to expect!

I enjoy browsing forums also :) I build my own computers and what not and have learned so much from forums so i thought id join the sledding community here!
Here's a little snapshot of my comp for ya :D
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