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Well. We (Dano and I) got out on the 19th as planned, but unfortunately about 15 miles or so up the trail, the sled I was riding (1998 700 XC (modified to 135 hp w/ 141" track)) sprung a coolant leak. We ended up towing it back with Dano's 700 RMK... so at least we had a good tow sled. ;) to Bergland and had to end the day since we could not find the leak.... and none of us felt like looking too hard on a 0 degree day. :(

The sled is actually FRNTFLP's (forum members) since my Zr is in for repairs.

Anyway. The trail we were on was excellent. It runs from Bergland to Silver City. It was freshly grommed with lots of snow cover. I would estimate there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground, but we were able to find lots of powder off the trails. Unfortunately didn't get to play too much in it.

If you are riding up toward Michigan, do not go to Wisconsin (very little snow) but to at least to IronWood or further. Bergland and the areas north appear to have the most snow.



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damn dude....sorry about your bad luck :( Oh well, you still have all season to ride:) I've been ridin almost every day just here and there, no real big trips yet....

Whats the word on your Zr???? Anything new???
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