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By Matthew Mallory
Over the past five years I’ve had a few sleds from Ski-Doo, obviously since I keep going back I’m happy with the whip. This year like year’s past the only changes I made on my XM were personal fit stuff like bars and riser height, other than that I feel it’s pretty much good to go out of the box. The one part I severely dislike on the Ski-Doo sleds that I have owned (and this goes for most OEM sleds from all brands) is the stock can. There are certain legal requirements that have to be met in different areas of North America so the suitcase of a silencer is a one size fits all part that weights in at about twenty pounds. Seriously this thing is a tank.

GGB Exhaust's Mountain Silencer is insanely light and minimal. This whole space is usually filled with the suitcase silencer that comes stock on the Ski-Doo XM.

The main idea behind replacing the stock silencer with an aftermarket can is to shave off that excessive weight on the right side of the sled. There are many options out there in the aftermarket land to go with and many make fantastical claims about what their product can do for you. I’ve tried a few and most meet my expectations but don’t come through on the horsepower gains they claim. What caught my eye with the GGB Exhaust products was their honesty, the first thing I read was, “is guaranteed to provide performance levels as good as or better than stock.”

Nothing about increasing five to ten horsepower as others claim but cannot back up. Just a simple keep it the same which is achieved by ensuring their product retains the same back pressure as stock while many others actually decrease your horsepower because they reduce the back pressure that the engine requires.

Using GGB Exhaust's spring puller made removal and installation a snap!

The installation of GGB Exhaust’s Mountain Can couldn’t have been much simpler. To make things easy I removed the side panels, light and hood. This gave me more room to work and on the XM is just a matter of a few bolts. With the new can I also had ordered a spring puller, might as well have the right tools for the job. After removing the springs from the stock can and unscrewing the sensor plug it was a simple matter of pulling out the stock (be careful, lift with your knees not your back) and sliding the Mountain Can into place. Then with GGB’s spring puller install the stock springs back in place. Simple as that.

The fit and finish from GGB is very impressive, a nice clean pipe that installs easily. Immediately I noticed not just the reduction in weight but more room in the engine bay. Now I wouldn’t have to remove the can to check the chaincase adjustment or change the oil. Always an added bonus.

Look at all that room! Simple to install, light weight and a sexy loud growler too. This can is awesome.

When you first fire up the sled the increase in noise isn’t noticeable. There is slightly more of a rumble to the beast but it was much quieter than I expected. Just pulling out of the garage and buzzing around the driveway had me surprised, up to 4500 rpm there wasn’t really a big difference in sound. This of course changed as soon as I got out on the snow. As the RPM’s increase the sound definitely growls over the stock silencer. It’s a steady crescendo of pure, screaming aggressiveness as you pass the 6000 mark and climb through the 7’s. As they state on their website if you’re getting the Mountain Can make sure you are out in the backcountry because this thing is loud and mean.

Overall I really like the can, it accomplishes a lot of great things at a minimal price really. For starters it makes working on my sled easier, freeing up the area around the chaincase is huge, saving time on maintenance. Dropping 16lbs or so off the sled for a couple hundred dollars and with one part is pretty damn incredible. This changes your power to weight ratio slightly and is the easiest weight you’ll lose on your whip. The GGB Exhaust Mountain Can will also give you a snappier throttle response, if you can put up with a louder, meaner, more badass sounding sled this is the silencer for you so check them out at GGB Exhaust - Power by Design.
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