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I have a '96 Formula III 600 triple that I bought used back in Sept. with 3800 mi on it. I took it to the U.P. Mi. and put on 300 mi.
Started good, idled fine and screamed at top end. There was a slight hesitation in the initial acceleration so when I got back I checked R.A.V.E. valves and everything was fine. Took it out two weeks ago, and the day I went riding it was 27 degrees when I left and by the time I got back the temps had rose to 34 degrees and there was some rain.
I still had the hesitation on the low end so I took the carbs off and cleaned them out yesterday. Started it up and it ran fine again. I had dropped a screw for the rubber boot clamp when I was putting the carbs back on and was able to access it by taking off the exhaust pipes. When I took off the pipes I noticed that the middle pipe had fuel in it and a little bit of water. The right side pipe was clean and the left side pipe had two drops of water in it. I'm assuming the water was just condensation buildup from riding in the rain and a rapid temp. change? Could the machine have been running too rich because of the weather conditions and that caused excess fuel to be dumped into the exhaust? There was quite a bit of liquid that had dumped out of the middle pipe (2-3 oz.) not sure how much was fuel and how much was water. I did pull the spark plugs and they were a little moist with fuel as well. Maybe nothing...maybe something?? :dunno:
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