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I Want a Rev
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95 Polaris XCR 600

The good:
~2300 miles, 1300 on rebuild
studded track
new chaincase, new upper gear, chain, bearings and seals
new stator
no rips or tears in seat
6 new bogies and sliders 150 miles ago
hand/thumb warmers work perfectly
Fox shocks
Extra 10 suspension

The bad:
1. The hood is cracked. It still holds together fine, but it's not in perfect condition. I can take close up pics of it, if you wish. The cracks are around the right stirrup.
2. I bumped a tree going about 5 MPH and bent the bumper and cracked the nose cone. I removed the bumper and the nose cone popped right back out, but it still is cracked. It is very unnoticeable unless pointed out. I like the look of the sled w/o the bumper, so I never replaced it....being very cautious of trees from then on.

The sled is housed in White Lake, MI, about 20 minutes West of Pontiac. I just bought this from a neighbor in late Jan or early Feb and have logged about 500 miles on it. The thing was great on the trails and didn't let me down on the lake, either. I rode enough this winter to know that I love the sport and want to grab a new sled next year, hence the reason I'm selling. The sled comes with an OEM Polaris cover and a pretty old black Polaris helmet, size XL. I have all receipts for everything I have purchased for it. Email me or post here any questions you may have.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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