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I'm selling my 2000 ZR440 Sno Pro. I have had it since Aug. 2000 where I bought it from a guy I raced with. After that I took it to school with me and just rode the fields my family has and the trails. The speedo says 700 miles but you need to add about 200 at most for the one season of racing that it had on it. I put the speedo in when i got it because I wasn't going to be racing, but need to keep the cops happy up here with the speed.

More about the sled itself, The sled was bought from a guy I raced with in CO back in the 1999-2000 season(raced only 1 season). So it is a 440 but it has the beefier suspension and tunnel supports, clicker shocks all the way around, servo controlled exhaust valves, hydraulic vented disk brakes, better primary clutch, 1.25 inch lugs, and reduced weight. It is a racing sled not a "stock" one so it's not as care free, when it's not dialed in you can fell it when you ride it. Being that the sled is light, crazy power and an aggressive track it does very well in the powder too. And being that it has the sno cross
suspension it eats moguls on the trail for food.

Also, I just had the rear shocks rebuilt and I just changed the chain case oil and cleaned the exhaust valves. This is one quick sled. The only reason I am selling it is because I'm getting a 2002 Sno Pro from the same guy.

Located in Houghton, MI $2,800

email: [email protected]
phone: 906-370-2868

Pictures at
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