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This fall I bought a mint '00 Formula Deluxe 600 with 12000 kms, it came with all service records and runs really well. We do alot of bush/trail riding and I experienced some hesitation while getting back on the throttle from slowing down in the corners but managed to get 89.1 mph on gps without being WOT. The primary and secondary have never been worked on so I figured it was time for a rebuild.

Ordered a kit from a reputable company. Did as the instructions said, got skis off the ground low and mid reaction to the kit but lost about 20 mph and gained way too much rpm.

Heres what Ive done so far with the recommendation from manufacturer

Primary - 20.5gr per pin, yellow spring, clicker on 3
Secondary - new helix, red spring in B5
8500+ RPM 70 mph

Primary - added .8gr per pin total 21.3gr per pin, clicker on 1
Secondary - red spring in C5
8300 RPM 81 mph

Going to try locating secondary spring in A6 and see if I can get some more speed back but I believe changing the location of the spring in the secondary defeats the propose of the clutch kit.

Any ideas at to what else I can do?
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