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Rented a few times over the years, had a blast. Last year considered a sled took a look, friend at work picked up a sled and snow bike and had a blast.

I'm looking to get out the house, have some fun and I live in WA state West side, near Greenwater.

First big Q

How do you pick Brand? specifically if the dealer has all of them.
Friend went doo and trash talks Polaris mostly because he doesn't like the UTV's and is basically a Yamaha guy. I did like the RMK pro 850 and it was funny that he had warantee issues and the sled was in the shop for a month on his doo.

New Used ?
So part of me likes new especially with something unique, warranty ETC but I also know they drop a bunch in value .. and quick. But I also wonder how much abuse you can hide in a slightly used unit or if its worth going this direction. Would hate to get used and then end up with junk and no fun for the winter.

I'm not trying to break the bank either.

Most of my riding will be weekends and the occasional weekday evening. Being in the NW and a bigger guy I'm looking towards longer sleds, and 800 or 850

So suggestions Ideas, things I should think about?

I have a DRW 3500 and jeep, so I could go trailer or maybe sled deck. just for reference of tow options.


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Usually I say stay with what ever your riding Buddies have for a baseline?
New used good question
Well new really does Not mean worry free ( you said your buddy had his new sled back to Stealer)

Here is the thing a used sled gives you the ability to n\know what were it's strong and weak points

For instance the 09 Cat 800, fairly cheap, the 2010 had a much better motor
The 96 ZR 580 the 97 was way better!

Any way do your home work ask question we will all try to help

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You won't go wrong with the newer Polaris or Skidoo sleds and Arctic Cat is coming on strong, especially after the strong showing of the Alpha 1 sled. I have ridden with both Polaris and Skidoo 850s and they are awesome sleds. If you're a bigger guy, you may want to consider a longer track such as the 163" instead of a 155". The 155" is really capable but with your kind of snow, you may trench less and get stuck less with a bit longer footprint.

Now is the time to be looking at the dealers for "left-over" sleds from the last model year You will save thousands over the cost of those sleds new, and still have the warranty. If you are looking for used a few years old, after the "Snow Check" sleds come in, a lot of guys will have a good late model sled to get rid of. Keep your eye out, you can land a pretty awesome deal.

Check the classifieds in the SnoWest forum, there are a LOT of riders from the PNW in there that have things to sell.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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