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thought this would be fun, as i have some fun ones to share myself. post your favorite/best/funniest snowmobiling memory!

this one actually happened in summer. anyway i am from nj, currently live in colesville/sussex right on the greenville, ny border. i grew up in wayne, nj spending ever winter weekend with my family and our friends in lake luzerne, ny. we'd ride the trails through luzerne and warrensburg to the hudson, up and down prospect mountain, and into the town of lake george. it was my winter home pretty much all of growing up.

few years back (i have horses too) i took friends camping on forth lake with our horses and many of the horse trails share the sled trails. funny part was when we came to a lake my friends said well where does the trail go? i pointed across the lake. uh... in the summer the lakes aren't frozen. whoopsie! haha! got a little lost after that but figured it out eventually!

share your stories :)
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