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So inherited my Dad's old 1978 Yamaha Enticer 340, I finally have it running well, adjusted the brakes, cleaned the carb, got the choke working, changed chaincase oil, replaced the belt, etc. I realize that in 1978 snowmobile suspension and steering were still pretty primitive, but I am wondering if there are any simple fixes or fairly inexpensive upgrades for this machine? I really don't want to spend much on it since it's value is mainly sentimental, but the steering is especially atrocious.

I did find recently that one of the steering arms was bent, so I bent that back as straight as I could and now it does turn better.

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Wow brings back memory's!
oK sit back and I'll explain what all you can do!
I used to Race that sled!
Still got it out back!
For the suspension, it is the Seat!
But take the skid out and go threw it.
I believe I added a set of wheels because the Hy Fax had a wear spot?
OK next is the engine, there is a bunch you can do here ask and I'll give it up.
Exhaust, remove the pipe/can. The wide section is the muffler, inside the muffler are 3 chambers.
If you cut a square about 6 x6 and fold it up (like a Dr) remove the center section of the 2 small pipes.
This is the inlet and the outlet tubes. Now fold the piece back down and weld it.
If rusty weld a larger piece to the edges, just seal it up!
For the skis, get about a 4" square piece of steel 3/8 thick and drill the spring shackle pattern in it twice!
Bolt the spreader to the spindle and then to the ski, now it is wider and will handle Much better!
Buy a good set of carbides!
I had taken an old set of Cat ski carbides and just welded bolts where I needed them!
YamaDad you got more?
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