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1983 yamaha 440SS

i just replaced both crank seals, and all gaskets.. drainedd and cleaned tyhe fuel tank. replaced all fuel lined and oil lines. replaced the pulse line to the fuel pump.. cleaned carb, replaced highspeed jet. engine runs fine.. i ran 50:1 in the fuel just incase oil pump wasnt wrking right away.. alot of smoke as i assumed.. after i rip on it and the go to a slower speeed then hammer it again it kinda bogs to the point where i have to keep pumping the throttle or even give it a quick choke...

the reason i replaced the crank seals was the pulse to the fuel pump... the fuel pump is workin fine now.. there are no fuel restrictions, the inline filter in the trank is ok.. could it be the extra oil.. i also didnt mix it 50:1 really i jst tossed some 2 stroke in the fuel tank.. any ideas please

also it is jetted with a 155 jet, its a keikhin carb, should i change the jetting i dunno if its right..

thank you
David Eagan
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