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I bought an early 90's Polaris Indy last winter as a project sled for the kids. It is a bit of a Franken-sled and I knew that going into it. What I'm working with (I believe) is a 92 Indy Trail Deluxe chassis that has had a 440F dropped in it from an Indy Sport. It was also converted to a 141" track from the original 121". Other than that, it all seems "normal". I was wondering, would a 136" track fit on the 141" skid?? I'm having a hard time finding replacement 141" tracks and I'm fearing the existing track is nearing its life expectancy. Also, I'm finding it bogs down pretty badly when I come off the throttle then get back on it, like its not back shifting possibly. Could that be a product of the longer track and not having the juice to spin it? Would re-gearing it be a possible solution to the bogging? I did recently take apart the secondary and cleaned it up good. But being summer and all, I can't really test it out.

Thanks for any input you might have
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