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Last weekend I was driving my snowmobile fast in the fields when suddenly I heard weird bangs, my snowmobile slowed down and I lost control. I stopped, thought it was the clutch but it looked fine, so I got back on it as if nothing happened, but it did it again a few minutes later. I looked more carefully and I noticed a long black piece of plastic coming out from the bottom of the sled. I was able to go back home without problems by driving slow but now my problem is fixing it.

I don't have a trailer, neither a garage and the only person who could move my snowmobile is busy. I was wondering if changing the sliders outside is possible. If not, is it possible to drive slow for a few kilometres to reach my friend's garage?

The snowmobile is a 1993 Skandic II.
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Using old slider as a guide , line up jokes for retaining bolt, cut hacksaw make sure the lips of slider are on same side
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