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This last ride I took we went through a bunch of rough trail. One thing I did notice is my buddy was riding through the chatter bumps. (about 4-8" in height and about 3-5' spacing) and his taillight was just bobbing up and down.

When I noticed it, I was looking at my own sled and seeing the skis moving a whole lot, but me and the chassis was staying pretty level. I wasn't feeling the bumps that I was seeing from his taillight.

He rides a ArcticCat 2016 M8 and I'm riding a Skidoo 2015 Renegade Back Country. I never rode his machine to feel the difference, but it did make me wonder.

It really could be just a difference in the set ups too. I had mine set up pretty soft because I knew the trail riding might be a bit rough. He may have his set up pretty firm as he generally only rode that sled in steep and deep.

Another thing. SnowTrax video has a Yamaha lifting the skis off the ground and if you look closely at it, it looks like the slide suspension is mostly on the ground, but yet the skis are a good 18-24" off the ground. I'll see if I can find that video.

Watch the suspension action at the 13:50 mark of this video. (sorry, you have to watch at least 5 seconds of each ad before you can skip).

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Just amazing to me to see that much track still on the ground. L-o-n-g limiter strap?
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