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Finally got to test out the D and D clutch kit I put on my '01 ZR600EFI this past weekend. I was happy with the acceleration but lost a ton of top end.

Last season on pretty hard packed snow I topped out at 90mph running around 8000RPM which I thought was a little low.

After the clutch kit on decent pack I was topping out at around 70mph at 8200RPM.

I knew I would lose some top end but that seems like a huge drop off to me. Could it be something to do with the drive belt. I've had a god awful noise coming from that area at all speeds that stops when not moving since I got it last year. I replaced all four bearings on the driven and drive shaft last year. So maybe the belt is slipping? I know you can adjust the secondary spring but not sure which way, it's in the middle now.

I would appreciate any input. The gain in acceleration was not worth losing that much top end in my opinion. Any thoughts?
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