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It's a '78 JD Spitfire. I've cleaned the carb throughly and used plenty of Seafoam throughout.

My latest issue is getting this thing to start cold. It freaking takes forever. I'd imagine I'm doing at least 50+ pulls before I get a glimpse of firing. From what I've read, and I don't know how true this is, this could be a fuel pump issue.

What seems to work is if I lift the back end of the sled up and down, as if to put more gas in the carb/engine from gravity. I might be crazy, but it was working.

If the engine is cold it almost seizes up. I can't pull the pull string. I have to go to the clutch and move it around a bit to loosen it up. Then, I can pull the string.

The sled will idle forever once I get it going, it's just this starting issue that is physically kicking me. Pulling that damn cord...
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