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First, I want to thank everyone for their help. Last year I used this form for some advice regarding clutch adjustments to my ZR 600 and I really appreciated all of the feedback.

This summer I had the opportunity to purchase a 2004 ZR 900. As well, my brother purchased a 2005 ZR 900. My first question is regarding the APV cable lengths. The 2004 owners manual that came with my sled says the lengths are to be 1.68". The 2004 Arctic cat service manual states for standard APV's the 900 cable length should be 1.51" Does anybody know which one is correct? Also, would it be the same for my brother's 2005 ZR 900? We don't have any manuals for the 2005 900.

Lastly, I know clutching has a lot to do with performance as proven by my 600 adjustments last year. Does anyone have some good advice for these 900's regarding clutch upgrades? Even minor adjustments, or things to look for would be well appreciated.

Thank you all!
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