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Cant remove driveshaft

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I am trying to remove the driveshaft, people say just slide it out but it wont slide out far enough because of the drive cogs, in order to slide down the drive cogs a bit I need to remove this part, but I don't know how its called or how to remove it
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What does secondary have to do with this??
You need to drill out that little hex screw if you can't back it out slide the wheel over
So I drilled the hex screw out, cause it was so rusted. But the collar still wont move, penetrating fluid doesnt seem to help
The collar has to turn on the shaft to loosen. The hole the axle goes through in the collar is eccentric. As it turns, it gets tighter on the shaft. Have you tried to turn it a bit?
Removed the driveshaft a long time ago, I had to use a angle grinder to remove the collars (They were rusted through!), but the driveshaft turned out to be bended, might explain why the bearing was destroyed. I found this 1993 Exciter driveshaft, it says that its compatible, but if I was to buy it how am I supposed to put it in? It seems that it wouldn't fit without having to move around those sprockets.
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Might need to press those outers in a little. Looks like it has room there and on the track
Is the only way to move them around is by using tons of pressure?
Got the new driveshaft! But the most left cog needs to be moved in about 8mm, is a hydraulic press THE ONLY way to move it or is there another way?
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Should be a allen key or something that holds those in. Look around for it otherwise press or maybe a 3 prong or 4 prong puller of some sort to move it just enough along with some pi-oil or penetrating oil and a little heat.
I think they are all pressed into place.
kccats, I don’t feel like spreading the tunnel on a 30 year old rusty shitbucket, it doesn’t fit because the measurement on the axle are off. It should be 100.4mm from the end of the axle to the cog, but I have 92mm, also it doesn’t align on the track
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Moved the cog 8mm, fits perfectly now
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