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Cant remove driveshaft

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I am trying to remove the driveshaft, people say just slide it out but it wont slide out far enough because of the drive cogs, in order to slide down the drive cogs a bit I need to remove this part, but I don't know how its called or how to remove it
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What do I do then? It won’t slide out far enough because it’s bumping into the wheels
There is no way a jack will fit there, and metal seems to be thin
What the heck do you have there? That picture shows what looks like an idler wheel on the outside. Where are the drive wheels (have cogs on them to grip the track)?
I was wondering why this is like that, two wheels with no cogs on outside, two with cogs on inside
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I've not seen one like that. They usually have 4 cogs, with the outer cog wheels only having them on the inside. The bearing should be on the outside of the wheels.

Have you taken the chaincase off? Might not be able to remove the shaft without doing so. That might give you enough room to take the outer idler wheel off. Or maybe they will slide further onto the shaft?
I've seen them on older Cats
Get the track OFF the lugs or it wont move much at all
Yes I removed the chaincase, the track is not the problem, I cant slide it out because its bumping into theese outer idlers
Did you remove the secondary clutch? If not you have to do that as well.
What does secondary have to do with this??
The secondary clutch is also on that driveshaft and behind it is a locking collar and bearing or at least most have that. Without removing those you can not remove that driveshaft.

1984-1999 phazer service manual will show it as well. As will the 1991-1993 Enticer manual. Or the 1984-1989 manual.
What is that across the top of the Pic?
You WILL have to spread the tunnel!
What sled is this?
I thought Indy
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This is an Exciter 570, The thing across the top is the shaft that held the skid, I removed one bolt but the other one is rusted so much that only way of removing it is grinding off, no penetrating fluid will work trust me I tried
You have to have the skid out and that shaft!
The tunnel WILL flex then and it will come out!
The skid is not there, and the shaft is not connected to the other side and wobbles like a sausage
I will record a video after so you can actually see what it all looks like
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