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Hi all--

This post may get long, but I'd like to provide as much background information as possible to help with any potential answers.

I have a 1988 Indy 400. The brake light stopped working this past year, and I suspected the brake light switch was toast, so that was once of the project plans for this spring.

I swapped it with a known good one, bled any air from the system and still had no brake lights. My logical next step was to check the wires and bulbs.

I do have continuity between the brake light switch and the seat wiring harness, as well as continuity between the main wiring harness and the brake light switch.

I hooked up the seat harness to a 12V source and I found that I can get running lights (which worked during the season so no surprise there), but I can't get the brake light to work. The bulb have tested out good. When checking between the seat harness and the bulb socket, I also get infinite resistance. This suggests to me that there is a break in the wire somewhere between the seat harness and the socket.

The other puzzle (and the reason for this post) is that I'm not getting power to the seat harness. As I mentioned above, I have continuity between the seat harness on the sled side and the brake light switch, as well as between the brake light switch and the main wiring harness. However, jumping the switch doesn't give me lights (I also have an extra Indy 500 seat that has good lights, so I've been using that for testing. Hooking that up gives me no brake lights, either). All other electrical components work correctly as they should.

What's the next step here? Obviously I'm getting power from the stator since everything else works. My grounds are clean - the voltage regulator went last season so I cleaned up the grounds really well when replacing it. I'm puzzled and frustrated because there's not very many variables at play here. I did disassemble the main wiring harness one prong at a time and cleaned everything with vinegar and a brush, but that didn't make a difference, either.

Would love to hear any and all suggestions!
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