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Bought my first sled Indy 500-what do I need to know?

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After over a year of reading this site and hundreds of posts, I found a 98 Indy 500 with 1458 miles on it and bought it. Rode it a lot this last weekend and things seemed to go very well. I have a number questions now:

I gather the xtra 10 suspension is a good unit...what do I need to know about it and check to make sure it is in good condition?

What do I need to check and know about the front end?

What shocks should I go with to replace the front and rear units and how do I know when it is time to replace them?

Anything else I should know about or check over on the sled? I am planning a long ride this week and want to make sure it is good to go as I will be alone.

Thanks in advance!
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Raise the back of the sled good and high or have a friend tip it up on its side and hold it. Look for grease fittings and grease them all. Grease the fittings at the spindles by skis. Loosen your secondary clutch and slide it out a little and grease the 2 fittings there also.Top off all your fluids,and spray all your bogeys and other moving parts with some lithium spray or other good lubricant. Pack some tools and safety items and have fun. Cleaning your clutches and having a spare belt is smart too. As far as going on a long ride alone..... I would not do it personally- maybe its just me, but too many things can happen.
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