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Bearing size 91 Jag

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I'm looking for bearings for my 91 jag afs special and I think I found the right size on sled-parts but it doesn't list my sled under the "this part fits:" it has the same ID, OD, and width but not sure if it has a cir-clip fitting, mines a 6205du NSK, the one here is a 6205-2rs, can anyone confirm this will work?

Also does anyone know where I can get the plastic rollers that the spring rod slides against? I called a few places and no one knew what I was talking about and the previous owner let them wear so much its digging into the metal.
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I think the engine is the same as the regular jag they just added twin carbs and decals. I m not 100% sure though.
Correct I have to change a few of the wheel bearings, and I'm sure it is the same engine but it didn't even have jag 440 under the list of sleds so I'm a little confused, the number's all match up but the sleds not listed.
Any idea guys? If I order all my stuff right now it'll ship before the weekend.
All of the older Cats have the same bearings and the plastic inserts too! I can get both from aftermarket! The bearings are like $3 and the inserts are about that too!
Thanks, so where do you get your bearings from? These are pretty cheap at $5 but if I can save a few more bucks I'm all for it!
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