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Are all Indy 500 engines the same?

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I need a cylinder for my 96 Indy 500 carb. It has a 95 bottom end. What are the differences between the years? Which years will fit?

Also what are crank differences? I think they switched to bigger PTO bearings in 96?

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to my knowledge they were the same, but I am unsure. Go to the parts and where to get them section, pull up the Polaris microfiche site and pull up that engine or cylinder specifically. See what else the part numbers cross reference to. Thats all I can think of to do.
Ok, I just did what you described at, and 95 and 96 models have the same cylinder #, but when I typed it into the cross reference search years 89, 90, 91, 92, and 97 and some of the models were 650 and 400. I dont think thats accurate lol, I'll try a different site.

And just because it has a different part # dosen't mean it wont fit(I think:) )

And my crank theory of them switching to bigger PTO bearings in 96 I believe is correct according to the website.


I just rebuilt a 99 500 with a 96 crank/case. My local polaris dealer looked it up for me and 96 - 2001 were identical motors according to him. hope this helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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