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Arcticat Jag 440

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This sled is in need of some major help.

I really dont know where to start on it.

Maybe I could try and get the chaincase put back together? Is there any diagrams out there to help me out a little bit.

And if anybody has a '79 or '80 jag 340 or 440 for parts I might be interested as long as it complete.

I basically need the handlebars and evereything on it and a gas gauge.

possibly a chaincase?

Any help with where to start is appreciated, because I am lost with this one
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I will try and get some good pics tommorow it is mess, but seems like it has potential with the right amount of work.

From what I could today before it got dark: The chaincase is completly tore apart, the oil tank is dangling, and a few fuel lines are unhooked, the brakes line is taken off(maybe the whole brake system?) The throttle lever and basically everything that is in the little housing for it is busted.

It was very cold and they is no room in the shed for it right now so I didn't take alot of time checking it over, but tommorw I am going to get a better look at things

Oh and the track seems bald, but is cleated? is it suppose to be like that or did someone just cleat it because it was the track was worn out?

I am asuming it was used for ice fishing because it has a hitch
From what I could tell today: The chaincase basically tore it self apart.

heres a picture

I hope you can see where it was grinded down, I think it didn't have any chaincase oil and just ripped it self apart?

after finding this I think I am going to just part this one out. Unless I find another jag for under $50 that isn't tore apart like this, but I dont know of any close to me.


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Your pics are sooooo small. haha. I would say get the motor running and sell the engine. I wouldnt dump any money into them.
I'm just going to part it out.

I'm not going to put any money into it, and I dont know how I could get it running with it being the way it is.

I will try and get a bigger picture
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