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Ok Im a n00b on the forum but a long time snowmobiler.
My dad (alias that cheap SOB) has a 1989 cougar AFS. He loves this sled to death and refuses to give it up. But, he rode his new friends firecat F5 and has now decided that the meager suspension under the cougar just aint cutting it. Heres the question. What newer sleds can my dad pilfer suspension from to update this? Id assume something up untill the mid 90s, but I dont know. He has a friend with a plethora of junk ACs so parts wont be that much, and my father enjoys the DIY (do it yerself) lifestyle, so he'd much rather have a new project anyway (besides the coolness factor). Any help would be appreciated, and if you are in the Upstate NY area, and like to ride, gimme a holler at [email protected] or IM me at Cargod57
Thanks in Advance
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