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I know there's plenty of mods out there to get a ton of horsepower for a stock sled but just wanted to know any proven mods that worked other then the usual given mods like pipes, and special reeds. I also know that there is the 800 kit for the F-6 and for the '04 Arctic Cats.

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I say lighten it up even more!
hood? who needs it?
windshied? c'mon now!
gauges? those are for panzies
headlights/taillights? you afraid of the dark?
seat? - legs can't take the standing?
hand-warmers/grips? get some better gloves
snowflap? who cares what's behind you?
suspension? solid is where it's at!
clutch? go to direct drive - you won't regret it
pipe/silencer? - go straight pipe

note: don't do any of these :D
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