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Hello, has recently changed its terms of service for free users on their platform. As of June 20 images hosted by Photobucket and shared on our forum, or any other third party sites, will no longer appear. As a result, you may notice a higher amount of broken images on the forum.

If you do not have access to edit your older posts please contact an Administrator or Moderator for assistance. Please provide the new URL for the image that needs to be edited and a link to the thread the image in located in.

More information on the change and what it means for Photobucket users can be found below.

Photobucket Terms of Use

Thank you

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Go to the Advanced tab.

To add a picture, click the paper clip icon at the top of the window. It will bring up a window to select files from your computer.

Click one of the 5 "Browse" buttons. Locate the file you want to post. (Sometimes that's the hardest part unless you have good file management habits!)

You can upload up to 5 files for the post. Once you have chosen 1-5 pics, hit the "Upload" button.

Your files are then loaded to the Forum computer.

Once the picture files are uploaded, click the paper clip icon again. A drop-down menu will show 1-5 items for you to place in your post. Place your cursor in the message where you want the pictures placed. Default is to have them vertically. When you post, a small picture icon will be placed in your message. Viewers can click the small picture and it will show it larger.

Posting from a site such as Photobucket (boo, hiss) allows the pictures to be larger in your message, so viewers don't have to click to see the detail in your pictures. The procedure to post from a third part is different, as well. But posting directly to the forum insures that your pics will be here in the event the third party storage site decides to hold you hostage.

Hope that helps!

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