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I have had many problems with my 99 MXZ 700. One is the computer, I replaced it late February last year then got to put my sled back in the garage due to winter being over, well I need another computer this year and skidoo won't replace it because it's 90 day parts warranty (way less than 50 miles on first one)! The first computer should not have quit on me!!! I have made many did my dealer, bottom line I told them I will never buy another thing from ski-doo again! (total money I wanted refunded was only $300, dealers cost for 2nd computer, the dealer sold it to me for that to help me out)
Thank You Ski-Doo for sticking by your products and helping your customers, ohh yehh I paid without complaint for the new speedometer gear drive that mounts beneath the speedometer which quit at 246 miles, I also paid for the new engine when a seal failed and heated up the piston walls at about 1,500 - 1,800 miles (miles=no speedo for a while remember!). Two computers and one fuel pump. I am the original owner! Total bills so far about $2,300. This thing still has the original slides on it! Its usually in the shop! BTW 4 sale!

Ohh well special Thanks to Jims Marine for trying to help me the best they could!

Thanks for reading folks!

Travis Gray

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I would say that you must have something other than the computer wrong with the sled. There must be a bad wire or something else wrong in the electrical system that is causing the computer to "burn out". I think the guys at the dealership better get in there with a multimeter and start checking over the sleds wiring.
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