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Grass Drags 99 Zr 700 , 99 Zr 440 sno-pro

I have a couple ?'s hopefully someone can give me some direction.
First sleds
99 zr 700 D&D pipes, breather box, reeds, 320 jets
99 sno-pro totally stock
I am entering the world of grass dragging and I know nobody is going to give me the exact answer I hope for some direction.
I'm located in S.E. MI so hopefully some one that I won't compete against and has green blood can give me a little insight, my best friends are the Reams of Rebel Racing, but they unfortunatly race ski-doo's so they can only help me so much.
1. What gears to start with?? I think I put 20/41 in the 700 it this last time is that right??
2. Is it really that important to tie down, do you gain more speed or just control??
3. What should I try changing for clutching, any ideas??
4.Does anybody know of a good testing equip. , computer,radar gun, some type of backyard cheap setup preferrably??
Thanks for all help or ideas, GO GREEN
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